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The brass band Záhorienka is one of the most popular representative brass bands of the Záhorie region (=part of Western Slovakia).

Záhorienka was established in 1987 and it´s main aim is to keep the tradition of brass bands in Záhorie in it´s original state. It performs at many cultural events, concerts, festivals and balls, organized during the year and therefore represents a remarkable part of Slovakian culture in its own country, and abroad.

The ensemble consists of 12 musicians and 2 vocalists from whole Záhorie region. Most of them graduated music conservatories, music high schools or music colleges. The cast includes clarinet Es, clarinet B, flugelhorn 1.B (2x), obligate trumpet, flugelhorn 2.B, baritone/tenor, trombone, trumpet 1.B, trumpet 2.B, drums, tuba.

The repertoire of the band is very rich and wide. Musicians play songs and compositions from whole Slovakia, mainly from the Záhorie region, Moravia and Czech Republic.

The collaboration with well-known artists Josef Zíma (king of the brass music in Czech Rep.), Jiří Helán, Jožka Šmukař lasts several years and it is sign of the very progressive success. Záhorienka also cooperates with many folklore groups, folk storytellers, imitators and it is performing in radio and television shows.

Záhorienka organizes annual musical event “Muzikantský ples” (Music ball), which is held in January and it also participates on organizing of international festival “Stupavský bubeň” (Stupavas drum), which takes place in September. Brass bands use these two events to promote themselves and these activities provide an unforgettable experience to their visitors.

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Mgr. Jaroslav Fišer



Members of Brassband

Zuzana Dinková - Es clarinet

Pavol Smolár - B clarinet

     Roman Hudec flugelhorn 1.B

       Jozef Hatala - flugelhorn 2.B

Miloš Macháň - tromba B obligat

Jaroslav Baraš - tenorhorn

Rastislav Pavúček - euphonium

Magdaléna Plháková - trombone

Peter Dolný - trombone

Marián Mader tromba 1.B

Jaroslav Fišer - drums, bandmaster

Peter Daniel - tuba

Libor Cupal - singer

Alena Rapáčová - singer

Stanislav Hrdlička - sound

Sarah Gulárová - camera, photo